How it works

Step One:Download the free IDYVO app from the App Store or Google Play.
Step Two:Start the app, hit VIEW ME button and point your device at any of the artworks on this website
Step Three:Purchase artwork to support Autistic kids.

The collection is available in prints on framed and unframed canvas in two sizes.

All art pieces (and merchandise) are guaranteed to be Augmented on the app for 24 months from the date of delivery with unlimited app access via your mobile phone or a tablet. Note that, depending on the success of this project, the viewing period may be extended indefinitely.

When buying a piece of art, you are helping to generate awareness and promote talents of Autistic artists. We will be donating 15% from every purchase to various Autistic events in Canada and worldwide supporting these kids’ potential.

There are three pieces in this collection created by local autistic artist – Aiden Lee. Your support will help Aiden and other kids become successful artists and prove that autism is not a barrier to a wonderful future.

His works are here

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